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Your Guide to Building Your Dream Small Lot House

By House and Home Co. / Published on Wednesday, 14 Sep 2016 06:13 AM / Comments Off on Your Guide to Building Your Dream Small Lot House / 393 views

BrisbaneThe Brisbane City Council has long been supporting the construction of small-lot houses in the city, which is the most populous area in the Australian State of Queensland. The modern, affordable and very convenient house style has helped in maximising the use of lots in premium areas, where land is in high demand.

Small lot houses in Brisbane are mostly built near the inner city or in the Bayside, where most of the professionals and working families reside. If you are planning to move to Brisbane and build an affordable but spacious home, having a small lot house could be the right choice for you.

What are the things that you need to do if you decided to build a small house?

Find the right location for your house

Most of the small lot houses in Brisbane are built in the inner city and the bay areas. These places offer subdivided lands for sale and are already tagged by the Brisbane City Council (BCC) as residential zones. Also, you should consult and study first BCC’s Dwelling House (small lot) Code, which prescribes all necessary requirements for the construction of narrow houses. According to the code, small houses can be tagged as self-assessable or can be certified by private agents if they are built in the following zones:

  1. Low-density residential zone
  2. Low-medium density residential zone
  3. Medium density residential zone
  4. Character residential zone

Self-assessable means your house building specifications would not require the approval of the BCC.

Hire a Design and Building Consultant

You can never go wrong with your building plan if you will consult design and building experts who already know the metes and bounds of the Dwelling House Code.

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What are the benefits of hiring a design consultant and building specialist? You will be assured that the design of your house would fit a small lot and would look very spacious. You will never think about the completion and design requirements under the Small Lot Code.

Choose the Most Convenient and Functional Design

For the last step of your preparation for the construction of your small lot house, you have to thoroughly study the best design that would fit your everyday routine and family needs. Remember that the modern house styles today prioritise the functionality of the design and not just its looks. Choose an open space concept and use more glass to let the light enter your house. Be creative, but be practical, too.

After doing these three steps, you are now assured that you will have your dream small lot house. Remember, the most important part of your preparation for the construction of your home is your compliance with the law. So if you have the resources to pay a consultant, do not hesitate and rest assured that everything would flow smoothly.