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When Rats and Mice Invade Your Home

By Frederick Johnson / Published on Saturday, 20 Oct 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on When Rats and Mice Invade Your Home / 895 views

Wooden mousetrap with cheeseWhile rats or mice may be tiny, they have the capability to destroy your home and belongings. You should also know that any type of rodent infestation could easily become a serious and expensive problem if not handled the right way. This is because it can put your and your family’s health at risk by bringing a host of bacteria and serious diseases.

Rodent control companies in Boca Raton note that every property is at risk for mice infestation. This only makes it important to find why rats and mice choose to invade or stay where you live.

Cleanliness problems/poor sanitation

Lack of cleanliness can lead to a number of sanitation issues where rats and mice might have easy access to shelter and food sources in your house. If you don’t clean your house regularly and let bits of garbage linger on the floor and around the house, it is likely for rodents to invade your home. The same is also true if you let pet food (like bird feeders) and other food items to a leave residue in your property.

Need for shelter

It is common for rodents like rats and mice to constantly look for shelter that can also serve as a nesting site for their offspring. Piles of leaf, mulch, and other debris outside can be attractive for rodents. They can also chew through the siding of your house and try to fit into small spaces like opening in windows and gaps in plumbing and sewer lines. These tiny creatures, furthermore, can gnaw through wood, which makes older properties with wooden components a lot more at risk.

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Other factors at play

A number of uncontrollable factors can cause changes in how rats or mice might behave. Lower temperatures, for instance, call the need to stay warm, which will then prompt the rodents to stay in your home longer. Construction noise and other disruptions in the ecosystem may also cause the rodents to invade your home, as they look for a secure shelter. The same is also true for a scarcity of food and water sources outside.

Rodents love unhygienic places, so it only makes sense to clean your home regularly. You should eliminate water food or water source outside to keep rats and mice at bay. You can also benefit from calling a rodent control company for a better fighting chance against rodent infestation.