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What Do People Usually Keep in Self-Storage?

By House and Home Co. / Published on Monday, 07 May 2018 09:21 AM / Comments Off on What Do People Usually Keep in Self-Storage? / 397 views

self-storage unitThey’re everywhere. You see ads for self-storage anywhere in Australia these days. Clearly, there’s a big need for space, but seeing as anything can take up space, what exactly is it that you’re thinking of storing?

Though most facilities don’t know what people store in each unit, they cannot be illegal or dangerous. That means any self-storage company in Toowoomba can store the following:


Have you got no room left for that bulky couch that’s still in good condition, but does not fit your current living room theme? Did someone move out and you have been eyeing their bedroom for a makeover? That bed will have to go, but you don’t want to sell it in case they come back. These are just some examples of how people use self-storage. If you have big pieces to store, it’s best to book in advance so they can find the right fit for your needs.


This is not just for the toys your children have outgrown. This goes for the toys your adult family members love and want to keep. You would, for example, want to keep your boat safe. Motorcycles and bulky trunks that don’t fit in the garage can also be stored safely in these facilities, minimising the risk of them being stolen or vandalised. Even Aussies going on an extended or indefinite holiday leave their valuables in storage.

Excess Stock

It’s not just residential items that find their way inside storage facilities. Commercial customers may keep excess stock in self-storage. Information and materials for a cancelled project could also be hidden temporarily in these places, waiting for customers to find a better use for them or temporarily get rid of them.

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The house is the first place you think of when you need storage space, but sometimes the house might not be enough. For those occasions, it’s good to know you have options.