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Timeless Elegance: The Psychology behind a Classic Wooden Home

By House and Home Co. / Published on Monday, 13 Jun 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Timeless Elegance: The Psychology behind a Classic Wooden Home / 1301 views

Wooden HomeWood has that innate timeless quality, especially when it comes to furniture designs. Imagine stepping into a modern home, but at the same time stepping into a historic realm because of the classic wooden pieces.

Dr. Marjut Wallenius from the University of Tampere in Finland says wood encourages an environment that is stress-free. When designing your home, stick to wooden pieces to promote a psychologically healthy atmosphere.

Choosing Classic Design

Begin by choosing a rustic knotty alder wooden door so the moment your family arrives in your home, they get a calming feeling. In your living room, select classic pieces like an old cherry table that can work with any theme. It’s also functional and flexible. 

Classic pieces such as wooden dressers don’t just look charming. They are useful and spacious, so you can store bags, shoes, and clothes in them without ruining the house decor.

Wood’s Psychological Effect

People consider wooden furniture as timeless. It gives that universal vibe that actually has a psychological effect. A report released by Planet Ark’s Make it Wood campaign titled “Wood-Housing, Health, Humanity” examines the growing number of research focusing on the psychological and physiological effects of wood in people.

The report reveals that families who are around wood communicate more with each other. It also mentions that students in wooden classrooms have lower stress and heart rate than those students surrounded by metal and plastic. These are good points to remember when designing your own home. 

Wooden rooms and furniture pieces imitate the benefits of being around nature. Wood influences feelings that may lower blood pressure and heart rate. It also promotes positive social exchange. More importantly, it reduces stress and anxiety.

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