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These Bathroom Remodel Projects Have the Best ROI

By House and Home Co. / Published on Thursday, 14 May 2020 07:54 AM / Comments Off on These Bathroom Remodel Projects Have the Best ROI / 276 views
Modern bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom can have huge consequences to your home’s overall value. After all, most bathrooms are either deal breakers or deal makers for potential homebuyers. And this make sense: after all, what good is a cozy living room and huge kitchen if your bathroom looks like it came straight from a horror movie?

But no worries: there are simple bathroom upgrades you can do that not only give you a great ROI (return of investment) down the road and give you a more comfortable place to do your 1s and 2s while you get there. How much of a return? Well, experts believe that a well-done, well designed bathroom remodel can have as much as 62% return of investment, especially if the remodel modernizes certain bathroom elements.

Here are some bathroom remodel projects that have great ROI:

A Sinfully Beautiful Vanity

Vanity might be the Devil’s favorite sin, but it’s also one of the bathroom features that give homeowners the biggest return in investment. Yes, upgrading your bathroom vanity’s is expensive (somewhere along the price range of $1000 to $1500 per vanity, per bathroom), but it’s also the one that adds huge value to your home.

That’s because most people will be staring at that vanity at the beginning of their day, and right before sleeping, so the more pleasant it looks, the better your chances of upping your market value. Just make sure your vanity is at a comfortable height –not too high and not too low –and while granite countertops are also pricey, remember: it’s an investment.

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Bathroom Floors You Can Dance On

Icky, cracked, stain-filled bathroom floors are going to drive down your home value quicker than you can say “oh god is that grout or mold?”. Replace your tired, weathered, grout-y floors and not only do you increase your home value, it also gives your bathroom a new, fresh appearance that you can enjoy for years before you sell your home.

When replacing bathroom floors, always go for something completely waterproof and durable, like porcelain, ceramic, or even vinyl. Yes, stone and wood floors might give your bathroom a chicerappearance, but it’s going to be expensive to maintain and guess what: potential home buyers know that.

Rub-a-dub-dub Ditch Your Tub and Get a Shower Instead

Bathroom shower

This is especially true for bathrooms located in the master bedroom, as potential buyers will want to have the best bathroom in all the house (hey, it’s called the master bedroom after all!). The current trend is to ditch bathtubs and replace them with larger, roomier, walk-in showers. And there’s good reason for it: in this age of minimalism and sustainability, the idea of filling up a bathtub with water and soaking in it for hours is not only kind of gross to younger home buyers, it’s also not the most ecologically friendly.

Of course, having a bath tub and a shower is probably your best bet: after all, the luxury of having a tub might just have a deal-making effect. But if you only have space for one (and let’s be honest, most of us only have space for one), then go for a beautifully designed walk-in shower instead.

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