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Taking Care of Your Appliances Can Help Them Take Care of You

By Frederick Johnson / Published on Thursday, 27 Sep 2018 09:57 AM / Comments Off on Taking Care of Your Appliances Can Help Them Take Care of You / 905 views

Various home appliances placed on kitchen counterThe convenience appliances provide make everyday living a lot easier. Whether big or small, appliances unburden us with the difficulties of hand washing laundry or preserving food. But with all the perks they provide, owning appliances also comes with a lot of responsibility.

Home appliances — especially those constantly used — are prone to damage. Damaged appliances, when neglected, can cause serious damage to your wallet.

In Salt Lake City, appliance service centers such as All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. advise that you avoid these simple mistakes in order to prolong the lives of your home appliances.

Laundry Love

Your washers have come a long way from a hand-cranked washtub. With special features and settings, it goes without saying that it also comes with special care. Make it a habit to clean out the filters of both your washer and dryer. These filters prevent hoses from getting clogged.

If left unattended, these filters can stop water from draining completely in washers or even be a fire hazard for dryers. The best way to extend the lifespan of both your washer and dryer is to follow factory specifications and avoid overloading.

Overloading might seem like a time-saver, but it could also cause you to break your washer’s drive belt or drive coupler. Repair for these could set you back up to $150.

Kitchen Cleaning

Cleanliness is next to godliness, especially with kitchen appliances. When it comes to ranges — whether electric or gas — it is always important to clean stains or residues left from cooking. Leaving sugary substances on can cake and mar your cook top, affecting its performance.

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Refrigerators also work best when they are constantly cleaned — especially on the outside. While regularly cleaning your fridge and purging expired food from it is important, do not neglect your refrigerator’s coils.

The condenser coils allow your refrigerator to circulate cold air in and push warm air out. A dusting once every 6–18 months will suffice.

The work doesn’t stop just because your shiny, new appliance is plugged in. Remember that with proper care and precaution, these can last and work for a lifetime.