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Managing Trees: Avoid Stress without Going to Legal Battle

By House and Home Co. / Published on Saturday, 16 Jan 2016 13:52 PM / Comments Off on Managing Trees: Avoid Stress without Going to Legal Battle / 458 views

Tree Management in AustraliaDown in Australia, trees are considered precious, as they provide more shades and relaxing ambiance, especially around homes and buildings. But like structures and homes that take a lot of space, you need to have the proper paperwork to plant, prune, lop or cut down trees, regardless of whether they’re in your property or outside your property’s boundaries.

In other words, trees are also covered by laws, as some of them are regarded as the state’s heritage, endangered, or contributors to nature’s ecological management. Yet they can be destructive if improperly managed.

The Laws That Binds The Trees

Trees are excellent protectors, but they can also cause damage to properties, be potential hazards to homeowners and even block natural views that can spoil the beautiful surroundings every homeowner deserves to see. Especially if you live in Perth, trees do really come alive and grow luxurious. Beaver Tree Services says that’s why reputable Perth tree lopping services are always needed to maintain them.

When you have any problem with some trees that are not yours, know that there are laws that cover trees outside your boundaries.  However, this doesn’t mean that if you own the trees, you have all the rights to lop or cut them down as much as you like. As has been said, there are certain species of trees that need government approval before you can touch them.

Your Neighbours’ Trees

What if the tree’s branches hang inside your fence, and gives you trouble and rubbish? Would you just let it give the things you don’t deserve, and let your neighbours assail your privacy through their tree’s expansion? You must know your rights on what you can do with your neighbours’ trees.  With your knowledge, you eventually avoid getting a headache and not becoming an enemy of your neighbours. However, talk to your neighbours if you want to resolve your issues quickly.

Everybody deserves a tree for its shade and cool covers. These are Mother Earth’s protective living organisms that clean the air. They are the sources of some of your food. But when they become unmanageable, they can also bring hazards and unnecessary discomfort.

When in doubt about what to do with the trees that bother you, don’t act impulsively on your own. Better consult your state or city’s environmental offices to be on the legal and safe side.