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Living Room Design: 3 Aspects You Should Consider

By House and Home Co. / Published on Thursday, 18 Oct 2018 05:58 AM / Comments Off on Living Room Design: 3 Aspects You Should Consider / 876 views

modern design of living roomYour living room is basically your home’s showroom. This is where you can truly showcase the excellent job done by your architect and interior designer and, of course, your very own artistic leanings. If you’re just about to design your living room, here are some important aspects to consider.

See to the shell

Even if it’s an open floor plan, your living room will still have a shell—ceiling, floor, and walls—that you should utilize to achieve the look you want. Your ceiling, for example, can have crown moldings, beams, or panels instead of just being flat. The flooring can be hardwood, tiles, or marble just like in many gorgeous homes in Orange County. For your walls, you can use bricks, stone, wood, wallpaper, or even just paint with a great color.

Deal with the fixtures

Aside from being functional, fixtures can make your living room more appealing. The lights are obviously very important fixtures. To create great lighting in your living room, use a combination of overhead lights such as pendant and recessed lights and wall lights such as sconces and lamps. Optional fixtures can also be wonderful for your living room. For instance, you can have a fireplace or a small bar installed to make the area more functional and inviting.

Attend to the decorations

Lastly, the decorative items will complete the look of your living room. There are furniture pieces that also have practical purposes. As they’ll take up most of your living room space, these pieces, particularly the sofa and coffee table, should complement the overall design you’re going for. Additionally, you should incorporate other items, including curtains, rugs, vases, and artworks, that can serve as decorations to add accent to your living room.

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Make your living room something you can be proud to show off to others. You can start by knowing what to consider when designing this important area in your home.