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Gas Piping Safety Measures You Need to Know

By House and Home Co. / Published on Monday, 03 Sep 2018 09:55 AM / Comments Off on Gas Piping Safety Measures You Need to Know / 894 views

a man checking the gasNatural gas is an ideal energy source because it is clean, abundant and environmentally friendly. But natural gas can also be hazardous. You need to maintain your piping system so your home will stay safe and livable. Here are some gas piping safety measures you need to observe in your home.

Guarding Against Leaks

Leaks are a common gas line safety risk. Houston’s local officials suggest that homeowners should call gas line repair services right away when there is a possibility of a leak. The experts at Alfa Plumbing Services explain that any gas leak could cause a fire or an explosion, especially in homes that have flammable materials. You can also detect a hissing sound from the gas line, or if there is a scent of rotten eggs in the house. If you want to find where the leak is exactly, you should use a sponge and soapy water and wipe it on your gas pipes. If the mixture creates bubbles, it’s a sure sign your pipes leak in that specific area. If these signs are present in your home, vacate the building at once. Call professional gas line repair experts and alert your neighbors in case of a possible threat to their homes. If you suspect an outdoor gas leak, leave the area immediately and do not use your electronic devices. Only call 911 when you are at a safe distance.

Carbon Monoxide Caution

Although natural gas is a clean energy source, it might produce carbon monoxide when the burners are damaged or when there is insufficient air flow. Detecting carbon monoxide is not easy because it is odorless and colorless. When you inhale the gas, it can cause your organs and brain to shut down. Even mild exposure to the gas for a few minutes can cause fatalities within hours. Homeowners ought to install carbon monoxide detectors to avoid such instances.

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Careful Digging and Construction

If you are planning on digging a shallow hole, you should consider the gas and pipe layout of your property so it will not puncture an underground pipeline. Contact your local authorities before you start digging, so they could show you where to dig in your property. Whenever you notice an issue with your natural gas piping system, make sure you find help right away. Hire qualified repair technicians to fix the gas line. These safety measures will keep you and your family safe.