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From Typical to Outstanding: 2 Easy Ways to Transform Your Garden

By Frederick Johnson / Published on Monday, 24 Sep 2018 21:35 PM / Comments Off on From Typical to Outstanding: 2 Easy Ways to Transform Your Garden / 430 views

photo of a house with well maintained garden with some flowersYour garden is more than just a way to enhance your curb appeal. With the right changes, you can turn the outdoor space into a calming place where you can spend your weekend afternoons alone, reading a book, or with family, enjoying the cool breeze and the melody of the birds. 

Authentic Provence suggests adding unique garden ornaments to make your garden stand out. But before you start digging soil, here are some approaches to improving your green space. 

Choose Your Flowers

Colorful flowers can make your garden attractive not only to your visitors but also to animals that allow it to thrive, including bees, butterflies, and birds. 

Peonies are an excellent addition to your green space. These flowers come in different varieties that are equally beautiful. Peonies are fragrant and delicate but tough as nails, as well.

Reine Hortense is one of the interesting kinds of peonies as they change color when they mature. They start off as white and later turn pink. You can plant peonies in vintage planters for a classic look that matches their classic beauty.

Climbing plants add visual appeal to your garden, especially if you want to cover a plain wall. They are easy to care for and can add fragrance to your outdoor space.

Some varieties you can choose from are the pink or lilac hues of clematis, red and yellow flowers of abutilon, and the highly scented cupani, a variety of sweet pea. 

Add Interesting Features

Your garden doesn’t have to be filled with just plants, flowers, and trees. You can also add other elements like benches, pavers, or fountains. 

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A garden bench doesn’t only enhance the aesthetic of your landscape, but also make it functional. Choose a design where you can gather with your family or friends while drinking tea or coffee. They’re an excellent accent to give your green space a neoclassical look. 

Make a statement using your pavers by framing symmetrical beds of vibrant grass with pavers. You can do this to surround a focal point of your landscape like a pool or a glamorous fountain. 

Renovating your garden requires careful planning. Find inspiration from a variety of designs, like the Gardens of Versailles in France, Villa d’Este in Italy, or Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in the UK. And work with professionals for better results.