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Best Types Of Wood for Outdoor Storage Cabinets

By House and Home Co. / Published on Monday, 01 Oct 2018 14:48 PM / Comments Off on Best Types Of Wood for Outdoor Storage Cabinets / 867 views

Old Wooden CabinetWith diminishing interior spaces and the push towards uncluttered living, storing your items beyond your home’s four walls becomes a necessity. There are different solutions to help you achieve this ranging from sheds to cabinets. Cabinets are the inexpensive option and take up minimal space while providing maximum storage space.

There are different materials in which outdoor furniture storage cabinets come in such as plastic, metal, and wood. The best among these is wood. Not all types of wood can, however, make for durable and weather-resistant cabinets. Here are the best wood options for your outdoor cabinets.


This is the eco-friendly wood option you can have for your cabinet. Acacia is durable, dense and withstands a range of extreme weather elements. The wood can be sealed rather than painted to preserve its natural rich golden brown colour and prevent its discolouration. If you opt to have your acacia unsealed, the cabinet should be placed on your patio or deck to minimise discolouration.


The resins present in northern white and western cedar make these woods insect and rot-resistant. Cedar is lightweight making its cabinets easily movable, and it stains and paints well and can hence match a range of other outdoor furniture pieces. It is also crack-resistant since it retains moisture. Unfortunately, cedar dents and scratches more easily compared to other woods.


This wood also contains natural preservatives which make it insect and rot-resistant. Cypress is a stable silvery grey wood which shrinks and swells minimally with changing seasons. You will need to periodically coat cypress cabinets with an oil coat to keep them looking fresh.

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When evaluating wooden cabinets always opt for naturally darker coloured pieces. This is because this dark colour signifies the wood is from the tree’s center rather than light-coloured sapwood on the outer edges which is not very rot resistant. From the above wood options, you are sure to find cabinets which suit your style and budget.