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Answering FAQs About Energy Audit

By Frederick Johnson / Published on Thursday, 20 Sep 2018 04:36 AM / Comments Off on Answering FAQs About Energy Audit / 883 views

Business man auditingAn energy audit is one of the most worthwhile home inspections in Salt Lake City or any place with extreme weather. It allows you to specify key areas that need the most improvement for efficiency. Apart from lowering your cooling and heating bills, it also aims to identify specific projects that can help cost-effectively achieve your objectives. If you don’t know which energy-saving measures to prioritize, it can reveal which ones are the most promising.

Here are some of the most asked questions about energy audits:

What to Look for?

The entire house needs to undergo the audit, but the four main areas to inspect are the attic, basement (or utility room), kitchen, and bathroom. When it comes to the windows, regardless of their location, determine whether there are cases of interior condensation and excessive draftiness. The HVAC system, as well as the fireplace, must be evaluated. Also, it’s imperative to check the insulation, especially the one in the attic and within the walls.

Can It Be Done on Your Own?

Nobody’s going to stop you from DIYing energy audits. Cursory evaluation helps to identify causes for concern early. However, many issues could go unnoticed if you don’t have the trained eye.

What’s in the Auditor’s Bag?

An experienced home inspector like the Aerolite Group has an arsenal of advanced tools to inspect any property’s energy use. Infrared cameras, combustion analyzers, blower doors, manometers, draft gauges, moisture meters, and inspection mirrors are some of the things auditors never fail to bring. For just a relatively small professional fee, you can gain a 360-degree view of your home’s energy performance.

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More than just lowering your cost for comfort, an energy audit can also help bring your home up to code. If you have more questions about it, seek guidance from a reputable inspector to make an informed decision