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AC Emergency: When the Air Conditioner is Making Strange and Loud Noises

By Frederick Johnson / Published on Thursday, 06 Sep 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on AC Emergency: When the Air Conditioner is Making Strange and Loud Noises / 821 views

Air ConditionerThe humming noise coming from the air conditioner may not be anything serious. Yet, you need to accept the fact that there might be something loose inside the unit. Modern air conditioners are supposed to keep things cool and remain quiet.

If you leave a humming noise unchecked, you will probably regret it. Desert Star Heating and Air notes that when the AC is asking for attention, you better take heed.

When the AC starts screaming loudly at you

Proper servicing will give you a better idea of the current state of the HVAC system you are using at home. Appliances and systems being used day in and day out deserve regular maintenance. Everyone in the household is affected when these break down.

Some AC problems require immediate attention. Noise is one thing; a screaming, high-pitched whistle is another. Experts identify this screaming with a refrigerant leak. Call for HVAC services immediately or risk the health of your family. Another possible reason for the high-pitched noise is a compressor problem, which is equally hazardous. If the unit turns off on its own while waiting for AC repair personnel, just try to keep it cool. Wait for help to arrive and be ready for a possible replacement if things deteriorate.

What is behind that incessant buzzing?

If you are using a system with an outdoor unit, the buzzing may be due to a loose fan motor, the presence of debris, dirty condenser coils, or rubbing copper lines. Blower, filter, and refrigerant problems may also result in buzzing. However, a buzzing air conditioner unit may also be having an electrical issue. If this is the case, the best course of action is to turn it off.

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When the physical problems are ruled out and they are pointing at something that is electrical in nature, your best option is to call an HVAC repair service right away. Safety is your priority in this type of situation.

Is your air conditioner making clanking, rattling, grinding, squeaking, or hissing noises? Let a professional diagnose and fix the problem right away.