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3 Popular Colors to Paint Your Front Door With

By House and Home Co. / Published on Monday, 14 Nov 2016 03:56 AM / Comments Off on 3 Popular Colors to Paint Your Front Door With / 1267 views

Welcoming Front Door ColorsWho says your door has to be brown or white? There’s a wide variety of colors you can use to give your front doors a new breath of life. Whether you are looking for second-hand colored front doors for sale or planning to do some DIY home redecorating, here are 3 popular colors to paint your front door with.


For women, painting your nails fiery red does something to the soul. The color makes them feel powerful, polished, and ready to take on the world. When it comes to doors, a red door proves to be a good contrast, especially if your exterior walls are painted in neutrals. Perhaps red doors remind people of jolly old Santa Claus but red doors appear inviting and warm. Try painting your front door a dark red or terra cotta red and watch how the magic happens.

Bright Yellow

In interior design, it’s easy to mess up a yellow palette. Chic can easily go juvenile but with the right color scheme, yellow can be your ultimate sophisticated hue. A bright yellow door matches beautifully with a dark blue or navy blue. The brightness offers not just good contrast but also depth and even a touch of playfulness. If you think yellow is too Disney to for you and don’t want to risk it, take a photo of your door and try to digitally edit it first to see how the yellow color would fare. You can do this trick for other colors too.


If your place has cool, white walls made of stone, a blue-green door can make your property look like it comes straight from the Caribbean. And if you live near the waters, this is a good color to try. If you don’t have white walls, it’s okay, the shade goes well with other dark colors.

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Just like the eyes are the windows to your soul, your front door is the entryway to your lifestyle. Make that first impression last and create a truly welcoming vibe that starts even before your guests step into your living room. And a spruced up front door can do just that!