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3 Maintenance Steps You Must Perform to Your Fireplace

By Frederick Johnson / Published on Monday, 17 Sep 2018 16:44 PM / Comments Off on 3 Maintenance Steps You Must Perform to Your Fireplace / 333 views

Fireplace MaintenanceThe cold season is fast-approaching; before you know it, the autumn is already ending. When that time comes, you want nothing more but to stay cuddled up in your home to fight off the freezing temperature.

Other than cuddling, another good way to stay cozy and warm at home is to ensure that your fireplace is in good shape. To do that, there are some simple maintenance checks you may perform to your chimney. Uintah Gas Fireplaces outlines some of them.

Start from Inside Out

Dust off any debris or dirt you may find inside your fireplace. You may need to use your vacuum to clean it all off and make sure you get through every corner of the fireplace to leave no spot unclean. Along with the interior, wipe off the glass screen outside to easily monitor its condition.

For this, you could use glass cleaning solutions that are readily available on the market. Lastly, wipe off any soot or dust on the exterior surface of your fireplace to keep it clean.

Examine Its Components

From the switch down to the firebox and gas line, be sure to examine them regularly. Watch out for any loose screw or leaking parts and replace them immediately. For problems like these, it’s recommended that you call for a gas fireplace repair service so that the issue can be resolved professionally. Otherwise, doing things on your own may cause more harm than good.

Call for Maintenance Service

At least once every year, have a professional contractor inspect your fireplace thoroughly. This will give you the peace of mind that yours is in fully functional and good condition. The service would often cost you around $100 to $250, which is nothing if you look at the number of benefits you could enjoy when your furnace is working perfectly.

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Maintain the functionality and efficiency of your fireplace when you need it the most by following the tips on this list. Make sure you do this regularly to ensure that you and your family will stay warm as soon as the cold season sets in.