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Your Home Can be as Stylish as You

By Frederick Johnson / Published on Friday, 18 May 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Your Home Can be as Stylish as You / 82 views

Modern living roomThis is the best time to develop and flaunt your personal style. It’s easy to know what will look good on you; there are mirrors for that, and stylists can also lend a hand. When an outfit doesn’t fit, you can return it under certain conditions. You’ll also know which colors work for your skin tone. Plus, makeup pulls everything together.

What about your home? Can you apply the same principles to make it as stylish as possible?

Themed furniture

The first step when designing a home is determining the theme you want. It pretty much sets the pace for everything else. For example, if you have decided on a mid-century modern theme, you’ll want mid-century modern Italian furniture from companies like And because furniture pieces are easily recognized, their adherence to the theme does a lot for the home.

Color coordination

Let your imagination run wild, but don’t get too wild that everything looks like they have been chosen at random. There should be a central theme and main color. Go ahead and choose a couple of accent colors, along with some neutrals to break down combinations that might be too unusual or intense. Even a monochromatic theme can use a couple of shades in the same family to add more depth to the design.

Display personal pieces

You have a style that you want to echo around the house. The best way to do that is by showing a bit of yourself in your decor. Those scarves you love to collect would lend a unique charm to the living room if they were put on display. Even your collection of shoes can highlight your personality. And if you’re a collector of antique pieces, go ahead and fill the living room with your favorites.

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You are the best interior designer for your home. Go with your gut and choose pieces that you’d love to see all the time.