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Year-Round Care for Your Lawn: Seasonal Steps

By House and Home Co. / Published on Friday, 20 Apr 2018 07:58 AM / Comments Off on Year-Round Care for Your Lawn: Seasonal Steps / 156 views

mowing the lawnA home’s lawn needs particular care all year round, and sometimes, you will lack time to give the proper attention. With the help of a lawn service here in Minneapolis such as that of The Lawnsmith, you and professionals can keep your turf healthy every year.

What will your lawn need for each of the four seasons?

Spring Seeding

During spring, you can think of a new beginning for your lawn. You can rake most of the dead grass away. You can test the soil pH and adjust accordingly for balance. You can aerate, fertilize, and seed your lawn. Finally, you can begin watering and mowing the turf.

You can ask the lawn service here in Minneapolis for help with the latter.

Summer Maintenance

When you move on to summer, you simply have to think about maintenance. You can have additional mowing done but not too much. Watering and fertilizing count as essential care practices as well.

Autumn Preparation

For autumn, you will mainly be preparing your lawn for hibernation during the winter. This preparation makes autumn the best time for removing weeds and filling up bare patches. You have to mow your lawn even more but cut only the topmost portion.

Finally, you can feed the lawn to keep them strong during the cold of winter.

Winter Hibernation

Finally, for winter care, you can catch up on a few things that you forgot to do during the fall season. You can actually fertilize your lawn, for example, yet you have to do it during early winter. You have to keep your lawn clean of debris, logs, toys, or furniture as well to prevent dead spots from appearing in spring.

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As much as possible, walk on your lawn too.

Now you know what to do for lawn care during each of the seasons. When you encounter problems, or you are too busy, you can always ask professionals to do the work for you. Professionals, with their experience and knowledge, can also better care for your lawn.

With this, you can have a green and lively lawn for the whole year.