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What Is the Average Cost of Repairing Home Foundation Cracks?

By Frederick Johnson / Published on Monday, 11 Jun 2018 16:13 PM / Comments Off on What Is the Average Cost of Repairing Home Foundation Cracks? / 175 views

Man fixing  cracked surfaceThe average cost of house foundation crack repair may range between $250 and $800. Van Matre Construction, LLC, however, notes that the price varies depending on where you live in the US.

Homeowners should also consult a general contractor or structural engineer if they notice large cracks, which indicate a sinking foundation. On average, most homeowners spend $4,010 to fix common foundation issues.

Usual Problems

Leaks are another usual issue for a home’s foundation. It can be a sign of drainage or moisture problems around the house.

This will cost you more than repairing cracks at the cost of between $2,000 and $6,000. A setting or sinking foundation may be fixed with installing piers or mud jacking, which cost at least $1,000 or $500, respectively.

In some cases, it may be prudent to spend a premium by stabilizing your foundation with steel support beams. Steel is the most expensive that may cost up to $12,000 for 12 strips, yet it provides the best chance of eliminating frequent repairs for your foundation.

Types of Foundations

Understanding the kind of foundation you have at home is important before assessing the type of necessary repairs. A full basement, for instance, measures six feet high from the ground. Modern homes use this kind of foundation that can be used as extra living space, which is its main advantage.

A foundation with a crawlspace costs less than a full one, simply because it requires less excavation than the latter. If you live in a place where ground freezing and thawing are not common, it’s likely that your house has a concrete slab-on-grade foundation.

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This one is the cheapest among the three types but consult first with an expert before choosing it just because of the affordability.

You should never ignore any problems involving the base foundation of your house since it can affect the overall resale value. More importantly, it puts your safety at risk.