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Ways to Deal with Carpet Mold after Water Damage

By House and Home Co. / Published on Thursday, 01 Sep 2016 09:54 AM / Comments Off on Ways to Deal with Carpet Mold after Water Damage / 264 views

CarpetWhat is that sticky stuff forming on the carpet? Well, if have recently been a victim of water damage, the carpet is most likely infested with mold. This growth is normally associated with the bathroom, kitchen and other perpetually humid and dark corners of the home but it won't hesitate to grow elsewhere if the conditions allow, including on your carpet. 

Before you drag your prized carpet out of the living room and into the garbage area, here are a few ways of taking control of the situation.

Determine the Extent of Growth

You may have heard people saying how difficult it is to deal with a mold-ridden carpet. The claims could be true, but it depends on how much of the carpet has mold. Inspect your carpet carefully, probably after taking it out of the room. Mold has a characteristic musty odor so identifying the affected spot(s) should be easy.

Removing the Mold

If the mold is in one small area, you can try to remove it. Steam cleaning using warm soapy water usually works. Leave the carpet to dry and redo the work if mold is still present. You can also use a stronger detergent as long as it does not damage the carpet.Have you considered removing the infested patch altogether? If cleaning is not an option, you can cut out the area and sew in a new patch. Of course, this only works if you are not so much into aesthetics things. For some homeowners in Utah, this approach is better than discarding the carpet.

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Professional Service

Sometimes, only professional water damage restoration services can remove all the traces of carpet mold, such as AAA Restoration. For example, the mold may have already attacked the backing. Experts use special equipment and methods that may still salvage your item.

Carpet mold is more serious than the appearance of the growth in other places in the home. If the water damage has lasted for several days, the growth may have already extended to most parts of the carpet, in which case restoration is almost impossible. For carpets that you think you can still salvage, try these steps.