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Turning Functional Stairs into Your Home’s Focal Point

By House and Home Co. / Published on Thursday, 13 Sep 2018 08:55 AM / Comments Off on Turning Functional Stairs into Your Home’s Focal Point / 156 views

modern staircase with glassStairs play a functional role in almost any home, but they also have an overlooked potential of complementing the overall style and architecture of a home.

More than being an essential part of a multi-level home, stairs can be a stunning architectural focal point. This explains why scenes in films or plays where characters enter or descend from a staircase are often dramatic and memorable.

If you are fortunate enough to spruce up your existing stairs or if you have yet to have a staircase installed, here are some ways to make it stand out.

Mixing Different Materials

Create a stunning staircase by combining different elements that complement each other.  For example, you can have stair treads made of concrete and pair them with handrails made of steel. This mix of man-made and natural materials works in homes with a rustic or industrial interior design. It can also give your home a modern, unconventional edge.

Creating a Grand Entrance

If you have an outdoor staircase that leads to the entrance of your home, why not make your guests feel more welcome by adding ornaments to your stairs? Decorate your outdoor stairs with flowers or strings of fairy light woven into your rails and impress your guests as they enter your home.

Highlighting the Risers

Add a little personality to your stairs by playing with risers. You can either paint them in a bold colour or decorate them with fun pattern tiles. You can choose patterns that match your wallpaper or go for other colours and elements present in your home’s interiors to give your home visual cohesion.

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Accessorise with Balustrades

A staircase is not complete without balustrades. Give a stiff and sturdy structure a touch of class with beautiful balustrades that can be made of glass, steel, wrought iron or timber. Not only do balustrades complete your staircase’s look, but they also enhance the safety of your stairs by minimising the risks of fall accidents.

Elevate the visual appeal of your home by personalising your staircase and creating an impressive architectural focal point.