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The Right Way to Examine Your Roof: 3 Steps to Do It

By Frederick Johnson / Published on Friday, 06 Apr 2018 21:46 PM / Comments Off on The Right Way to Examine Your Roof: 3 Steps to Do It / 187 views

Man inspecting the roofYour roof protects you from the changing and extreme weather conditions. To return the favor for its invaluable service, you must also learn how to look after it. With regular inspection, you’ll be able to avoid costly repairs and damages in this part of your home.

To help you complete the task properly, here’s a checklist you may follow:


Examine your shingles for any sign of hurling or curling at least twice every year. As and other roofers noted, it’s fairly easy to spot damaged or missing shingles. Along with finding buckling shingles, take the time to check the underlayment and ensure that the moisture beneath is taken care of. This is to avoid future issues from showing up.

Exterior Form

Watch out for water spots on your ceiling. This may likely be a sign of leak or crack in your roof. Have it fixed immediately to avoid sagging or deformation of your roof’s structure. Beware of masses of moss and lichen on your roof, as these could mean that the system beneath is decaying. Ensure that your gutter is also clog-free to avoid rainwater buildup, which may cause serious damages to your property.

Interior Structure

For this one, you might need to hire a skilled roofer to assess the interior condition of your roof thoroughly. Some problems are not easy to detect so might as well leave the job to the hands of experts. Along with detecting issues, they could fix the problem easily so you’ll feel more rest assured with regards to your roof’s condition.

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Save and protect your home by looking after your roof. Pay attention to every part of it to ensure that it’s in good condition. From your gutter to your attic, be sure you never miss a spot to prevent bigger problems from showing up. With these in mind, you are sure that your roof will serve you well for years.