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The Beloved Shed: A Little History and Transformation

By House and Home Co. / Published on Monday, 04 Jul 2016 06:10 AM / Comments Off on The Beloved Shed: A Little History and Transformation / 258 views

Backyard Shed in SandyThe shed is a regular fixture in the backyard of many homes around the world. The word “shed” may have come from an Old English term, which people back then spelled as shadde, shad, or shedde — all considered root words that meant division or separation. Or maybe it was from that other Old English word shud or cover. Whichever is more accurate, if you take them together you might get separated cover. Even our ancestors used sheds to store grain, keep animals, or whatever they had.

Today, the shed has transformed to accommodate countless forms and functions. Here are some examples.

The Garden Shed

Of course, this is not new. It’s probably one of the earliest uses of a shed in the backyard. But many garden sheds today are a far cry from the dark, musty, dirty shacks where shovels, old bikes, and sacks of fertilizer were scattered. These days, the shed — whether with or still without windows or doors — is more organized, with clean racks and hooks that prevent cluttered looks and free up more space.

The Lounging Area

It may be a tiny storage building, but that doesn’t mean it’s still just that. Some homeowners convert their sheds into lounging areas, complete with a small refrigerator and a sofa, or a desk and a comfy office chair. It’s perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or a beer and putting your feet up. It’s typically of a more complicated construction, complete with insulation and portable heating or cooling. You might even go out of your way to call a garden pest control company in Utah to make sure your shed — which is still primarily made of planks of wood — and the surrounding greeneries are protected from insects, according to It’s quite possibly painted, or at least clean enough to exude that rustic look and feel.

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The Bar

Whether for entertaining friends or for business, the shed may also take the form of a small bar. There are so many bar signs and decors on Amazon it’s not even hard to set your tiny bar up. Just be sure that if you are going to open the bar for business, you have the proper documentation.

The humble little “outhouse” is no longer just a lonely stack of wood planks out back; it’s a project that demands creativity and perhaps some passion. And why not? It has, after all, done its time. History is well aware.