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Spare Room Ideas: Creating Your Personal Comic Book Lover’s Museum in Your Apartment

By House and Home Co. / Published on Wednesday, 20 Jan 2016 01:21 AM / Comments Off on Spare Room Ideas: Creating Your Personal Comic Book Lover’s Museum in Your Apartment / 248 views

Comic Book Collection in PerthReading and collecting graphic novel is a beautiful and fulfilling passion. There are even those who have dedicated their lives to collecting comic books beyond simply wanting to read it and put it away. Are you one of these budding comic collectors? If so, why not turn your spare room in your 3 bedroom apartment into your own comic book museum? 

Here are a few tips to start you off.

Use Comic Covers

Some comic book enthusiasts can be very protective of their collection, especially if it’s in mint condition and the comic itself if either autographed or a special edition. Therefore, if you want to display your favourite comic books without fear of fingerprint stains (or worse) purchase plastic sleeves for each valued piece. This allows readers to still read while maintaining its mint condition. For older, more fragile collections, disposable rubber gloves can come in handy.

Install Easy-Access Shelving

Display your numerous comics on floating shelves since they allow for easy access and replacement. Design the shelves so they can show your readers what comic series is on display along with their individual titles. Take the time to label the shelves too for easier organization and arrangement. Check shelving designs for 3-bedroom apartments online to get better ideas for your own apartment, suggests.

Frame Special Pieces

Comic collectors also diverge from their main interest, going into collecting posters, prints, and action figures. Some of them are very delicate and are valuable collector’s items that can be exhibited while doubling as your comic museum’s decor at the same time. For displaying these items, order glass display cases and stands from local Perth providers for an even more museum-like feel.

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Some comic collectors have become so distinct with their collection that the local media or even the Internet has taken notice of them. Even if you don’t aim to be that popular, feel free to expand your collection in your new home museum. After all, you can now easily access your comic books and have family and friends enjoy them as well.