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Solution for the Carpet Beetle Problem

By House and Home Co. / Published on Friday, 23 Mar 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Solution for the Carpet Beetle Problem / 159 views

Solution for the Carpet BeetleThe creepy carpet beetle can cause havoc in the home. You have heard before; the little crawlies attack virtually everything including clothes, linen, and carpets. A closer look at their habitat reveals that they love everything made from animal fabric.

At the larval stage, their love for quiet, dark corners of the house is unmatched. When you see the beetle on the windowsill, trying to find its way outside, you can be sure most of the damage has already been done.

Getting rid of this problem means unearthing and dealing the source of infestation using the best carpet cleaning service here in Draper.

Grab the Vacuum

Vacuuming the carpet may appear simple, but it is one of the most effective ways of controlling the infestation. In this instance, it pays to have an idea where the carpet beetles would be hiding so you can make a few more runs there.

Areas most infested will also have larvae, shed skins, and fecal pellets. Vacuuming alone may not rid of the pests completely. Rub the area with an old comb just and vacuum again just to make sure no beetles escape.

Maintain High Level of Cleanliness

As you would expect from any animal that survives on human waste, resilience is the carpet beetle’s strongest weapon. You may get rid of the beetle, but its eggs can withstand very harsh conditions. You will need to wash every infested item in hot soapy water.

Seal All Entryways

Your house may be allowing the beetles to gain entry through places you do not even suspect. For instance, bugs have been known to use baseboard cracks. Other entryways include attics and air ducts. PVA glue is one of the best ways of sealing cracks in the baseboard.

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Carpet beetles will remain a thorn in your flesh unless you take punitive measures against their infestation. Because of the incredible resilience of these pests, getting professional help is seen as the most definitive move for a thorough elimination of the problem.