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Smarten Up: Get to Know Your Water Heater’s Anode Uses

By House and Home Co. / Published on Monday, 02 Nov 2015 08:36 AM / Comments Off on Smarten Up: Get to Know Your Water Heater’s Anode Uses / 190 views

Water Heater Repair in  Salt Lake CityYour water heater tank is made of numerous parts and components, with some being designed particularly for preventing internal rusting. The anode rod is one of these. Knowing how it works and when to replace it can help you save on repairs brought about by internal corrosion. This knowledge and its application can also extend your water heater’s life considerably.

Anode Rods: Second Line of Protection Against Internal Rusting

In most water heater tanks, the first line of defence is a glass lining that protects the metal parts from corroding. Over time, though, this will crack. Fortunately, it is not the only protection these machines have: most of them also come with an anode rod, designed to attract corrosive particles in the water.

However, anode rods are not immortal. These will also corrode eventually, and when they do, the inside of the tank will rust and start to leak, until you would have to get it replaced.

Anode Rods and Their Components

To do their job well, anode rods are manufactured from one or several of the following metals: aluminium, magnesium, or a combination of aluminium and zinc. These are then finished with a material that acts as a magnet for corrosive elements. The more corrosives the rod, the thinner it gets, until such time that it corroded itself.

Water Softeners: Anode Enemy or Ally?

Although water softeners prevent sediment build up in water heaters, they can also shorten the lifespan of anode rod. For Salt Lake City consumers who do not use water softeners, checking and replacing the tank’s second line of protection should be done every five years. For those who do, this should be done every year.

According to, water heater repair company in Salt Lake City, you can get help from professional repair service providers to fix the water heater for best results.

It is important to replace the anode rod of your water heater tank as soon as one is needed, to ensure that it does not rust out completely, which can lead to premature failure.