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Selling Your House: Consider Bathroom Remodeling

By House and Home Co. / Published on Friday, 27 Apr 2018 09:42 AM / Comments Off on Selling Your House: Consider Bathroom Remodeling / 113 views

a bathroomIf you’re planning to sell your house, a good bathroom can be a great selling point. You don’t have to completely change its look or replace everything in the space to make a sale, especially if you don’t have the budget. If your bathroom is still in good condition, a few additions and simple remodeling ideas can do the trick.

Bathroom remodeling service providers in Ogden, Sand & Swirl, Inc, share tips to help your bathroom sell your home:

Declutter the space

You need to create a blank canvass for potential buyers, so be sure to remove all supplies and toiletries on the countertop. As buyers want to see a new space, you need to clean the sink, drain, grout, toilet, and everything. You should also get rid of the cleaning tools and products that can ruin the spa-like feel and appearance of the space.

Add some accessories

After cleaning and removing personal items in the bathroom, add some accessories that can offer warmth, luxury, and elegance. You can benefit from having bath oils, fragrant soaps, or scented candles. Avoid scattering your chosen accessories, as doing so can make them look like clutter. Always aim for simplicity. You can also use jars and trays for grouping items.

Focus on the walls

Inspect the condition of your bathroom wall. Is the wallpaper peeling? Are the tiles intact and secure on the wall? Address these issues to avoid turning off buyers. You can also benefit from updating the color of the walls with light and neutral hues. You can, furthermore, hang artworks and mirrors for added decoration.

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Consider a shower upgrade

If you can spend some more, it is a good idea to upgrade your shower. You can consider having a walk-in shower to give the space a spa-feeling feature.  A walk-in shower is also ideal for small bathrooms, as it can provide an illusion of more space, especially with glass doors. Be sure to work with bathroom remodeling experts to avoid costly renovation failures.

These are just a few of bathroom remodel ideas that can pay off. Don’t hesitate to do a major overhaul if you believe that your bathroom needs it. Make sure to work with reliable remodeling experts for quality results.