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Problems that Clogged Filters Expose You to

By House and Home Co. / Published on Thursday, 28 Jul 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Problems that Clogged Filters Expose You to / 261 views

Heating And Air Conditioning UnitInstalling an effective heating and air system at home is one of the reliable ways of maximizing comfort. If this is to continue for a long time, you need to take good care of the features of the heating system such as the filters. A heating and air system with clogged filters can cost you. Here’s what to expect if the filters the heating system are clogged.

 Increased energy consumption

Energy consumption at home may greatly depend on the way the blower fan of the heating system performs. If the fan works harder to circulate air throughout your home, the energy bill will definitely go up. With a single clogged filter expect the electric bill to increase by about 15 percent. The inefficiency of the entire heating system intensifies as the filter gets more clogged.

Insufficient cooling and heating

The main role of blower fans of any heating system is to push the air through the filter. Once the debris and dust clog the filter, the air won’t pass through unless the blower works harder, explains an expert from All Hours Plumbing. This reduces airflow and eventually leads to cold or hot spots in your house. One can’t, therefore, enjoy the indoor temperature levels they desire. Any heating system will strain to heat a home once the filters are clogged.

Unhealthy air

A heating system with clogged filters will re-circulate the dust and debris that should have been filtered out into the house. The re-circulated dirt or dust is a potential cause of chronic allergies, particularly to individuals suffering from respiratory conditions such as asthma. Clogged filters would even make the indoor environment worse if there are chemicals and pets there.

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Since some of the consequences of having clogged filters may not be sudden, most people don’t mind about the state of the filters of their heating system. Routine maintenance of your heating and air Utah system is essential if you want to enjoy a quality indoor environment.