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Planning a Kitchen: You Need a Designer’s Hand

By House and Home Co. / Published on Wednesday, 08 Jun 2016 01:38 AM / Comments Off on Planning a Kitchen: You Need a Designer’s Hand / 324 views

Kitchen PlanningKitchen space has become very important in our homes today. Urban lifestyle makes us spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen.

A kitchen should have a beautiful design to fulfil its social and functional purpose. The colours, appliances and materials depend on the owner’s preference. To make the kitchen highly operational, factors such as space, layout and maintenance should be given importance as well. A Brisbane professional kitchen designer’s advice is important when planning to install a functional and gorgeous kitchen because designing one requires more than just picking a few colours and materials.

The following factors are necessary to design an attractive and functional kitchen.


With the cost of materials going up daily, a homeowner needs a firm but reasonable budget. This budget must prioritise the flooring, cabinets and countertops to avoid going beyond your budget.

Layout and Design

In creating the layout, the needs of the homeowner should be taken into account. Designers use the triangle theory in which sufficient space is placed between triangular pillars: the sink, cooktop and the fridge. Kitchen design should include enough space for unhindered movement. The maintenance of the worktops should be considered too.

Cabinetry, Storage and Appliances

Considering the owner’s preference and available space, the designers should come up with enough storage space. You should choose hygienic and durable structures for the storage area and cabinetry. For the appliances, consider the size of the equipment.

Flooring Material

The choice of the flooring material is another important factor. In choosing, consider the material that is safe, easy to clean and durable.

A professional kitchen designer considers all these factors and creates an exquisite kitchen that the owner will enjoy. 

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