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Material Options for Rain Gutter Downspouts

By House and Home Co. / Published on Wednesday, 20 Jun 2018 15:54 PM / Comments Off on Material Options for Rain Gutter Downspouts / 94 views

Gutter full of leavesRain gutters are not just cosmetic accessories anymore but essential parts of all properties. They direct water away from your walls and foundation and hence prolong the durability of your property. There are various accessories used with rain gutters to enhance their function.

Among the basic accessories for your seamless rain gutter installation in Salt Lake City is the downspout. The downspout carries rainwater to a specific part of your property and hence minimizes its spread around your building’s foundation. Here are the material options for downspouts.


This is one of the most common downspout materials owing to its affordability and corrosion and rust resistance. Aluminum downspouts are also very easy to maintain. They are however prone to a broad range of damage including denting easily since the material is lightweight.

Aluminum downspouts might hence not be the ideal choice in areas with extreme weather conditions including heavy rainfall and strong winds.

Galvanized Steel

For property owners looking for a strong downspout material, galvanized steel is the ideal choice. The material does also not contract or expand excessively making it suitable for extreme weather conditions.

The primary drawback of galvanized steel downspouts is their vulnerability to rust when directly exposed to weather elements. This can, however, be minimized by painting.


The main advantage of plastic downspouts is that they come in various colors to suit many properties. They also do not corrode or rust and are durable and simple to maintain.

Plastic downspouts will, however, permanently bend or twist out of shape over time when exposed to excessively high temperatures.

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When selecting the ideal downspout material from the above, ensure it matches your gutter’s material. Most downspouts are made in a similar material as the gutter, although your installer can advise you on the possibility of using a different one. The size of your downspout should also match that of the gutter.