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Is Your Home Ready For the Holidays?

By House and Home Co. / Published on Monday, 18 Dec 2017 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Is Your Home Ready For the Holidays? / 198 views

a miniature house wearing a winter hatAs we roll into the holiday season, our schedules get busier by the day. Our evenings and weekends are quickly filling up with parties, gatherings, and dinners, and we’re even hosting a few of these in our homes. But is our home ready for the holiday? Let’s find out.


The Big Cleaning Day

Before putting up decorations for the holidays, assign a full day of doing nothing but cleaning the home. As this is a huge task, it would be better to have professional cleaners do the job for you so that you can focus on things that you need to do yourself.

Make sure your kitchen is ready before it gets busy during the holidays. Have your pipes and cooking equipment inspected to avoid disruption on a busy day. In addition, make sure your HVAC system in Utah is working properly and ready for the cold and snowy winter. You want your guests to feel warm and cozy in your home while they enjoy a wonderful dinner. Lastly, make sure the lavatory is in order to ensure maximum comfort for your guests.

Deck the Home

Keep the design simple and clean for an understated minimalist elegance. It’s easier to put up and pack away. Spike the decor up with a couple shades of warm colors for a lively and festive vibe despite the minimalist arrangement.

Use Aromatics

Make it smell like the holidays by diffusing essential oils perfect for the winter. Aside from their wonderful scents, essential oils are also known for their relaxing and therapeutic properties. Just be sure to follow usage instructions for the right level of scent.

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Set Up Space

Prepare your indoor and outdoor spaces for the different types of dinners you’re hosting for the season. Schedule backyard barbecue and cocktail parties before it becomes too chilly outside. Host intimate dinners with fewer guests inside your home where you can stay them warm and comfortable during the cold season.

Preparing for the holidays is not an easy task. But with a well-defined to-do list and proper scheduling, you can do everything before the busiest part of the holidays start.