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Indoor Allergic Reactions: Why your Carpet is a Major Source of Triggers

By House and Home Co. / Published on Thursday, 22 Mar 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Indoor Allergic Reactions: Why your Carpet is a Major Source of Triggers / 137 views

Carpet being vacuumedFor some people, getting home at the end of the day marks the beginning of their misery as it is laden with sneezes and irritation. A carpet is a significant attraction site for allergens, and its ability to trap them could provoke these reactions. Once there are movements on the carpet, the allergens are disturbed and become airborne thus wreaking havoc.

Among the allergic triggers that can be trapped in it include the following.

Pet Allergens

If you own pets, you will have to secure professional carpet cleaning services in South Jordan as pets contribute to indoor allergens significantly. Their saliva, urine and other secretions have proteins that are potential allergens. When they shed, the pet dander and hair collects on the carpets. Also, they could bring in pollen and dust from outside and deposit it on the carpet.

Dust Mites

These are some microscopic organisms occurring all year round. They emit significant amounts of waste which are the actual allergen. Since they hide deep in the carpet seeking warmth and humidity, they keep causing allergic reactions all through, and thorough cleaning is essential in eliminating them.


Mold thrives in areas of high moisture, and the carpet provides a perfect surface for the spores to adhere to. When it is damp or wet, it offers an ideal environment for its growth. Carpets in areas below ground level such as in basements are especially susceptible to mold growth, mildew and an accompanying bad odor. The mold causes allergic reactions such as irritation of the eyes, nose and skin too.

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To evade these common allergic triggers found on your carpet have it professionally cleaned every six months. This will eliminate allergens that do not come off easily during the regular vacuuming. Before putting it back, be sure that it is completely dry. Also clean up any spills as soon as they happen to keep mold away.