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How to Keep your Carport and Garage Properly Maintained

By House and Home Co. / Published on Monday, 02 Jul 2018 01:24 AM / Comments Off on How to Keep your Carport and Garage Properly Maintained / 132 views

Car Entering GarageYour carport and garage keep your car protected, which is why you should also do your best to maintain it and keep it free from any rust, dust, and other harmful factors.

Today, we will discuss how to keep your carports in Brisbane properly maintained to prevent it from rust and corrosion.

Maintaining the Flooring

You should always clean the flooring at least once a month, as this is the part that gets dirty over time. Wash it with trisodium phosphate or TSP or something similar. Use a hose with it and start at the back of your carport then eventually move forward.

You also have the option to roughen the surface flooring by using a commercial etching solution. This will help the coating to adhere better to the flooring.

If you want to redo your flooring’s finish, then make sure that your area is properly ventilated to keep you from suffocating. Apply paint, sealer or stain and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep your car away from the carport at least for a week to help it dry properly.

Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation should be installed in your carport for the sake of your car, your carport, and of course, yourself. The carbon monoxide gas emitted by cars can be dangerous to you and your family’s health, which is why you should make sure to keep it out of the carport or garage.

Leave the door open for a couple of hours every once in a while. You should, of course, still guard your carport for safety while the door is open.

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Better yet, you can install an exhaust fan so the air will continue to circulate inside the carport.

Preventing Oil Spills

Oil spills and dribbles are inevitable in carports and garages. Make sure to keep your flooring safe from it by placing a mat or cardboard under your car to make sure that the leak will not seep through the flooring directly.

If you want to have your carport or garage thoroughly cleaned out, then call a professional to help you. They’d know what to do, so you can rest assured that your carport and garage will be properly maintained at all times.