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How to Choose the Perfect Hardscape Elements for your Home’s Yard

By House and Home Co. / Published on Wednesday, 02 May 2018 06:51 AM / Comments Off on How to Choose the Perfect Hardscape Elements for your Home’s Yard / 119 views

Home exteriorHardscaping is more than just cladding your home’s exterior with bricks and stones. There is more to it than just that, as you would have to think about the lighting, the plants that you would want to include in your yard, and of course, the landscaping design.

Today, landscape expert will discuss what you need to consider when planning your home exterior’s hardscaping.

Use Proper Lighting

A hardscape is next to nothing if you do not have the right lighting to accentuate it. Use proper lighting to ensure your visitors and yourself can see clearly the way to where they’re going even during low light situations.

This will also help highlight your newly installed hardscape, as well as make your home’s exterior aesthetically pleasing.

Plants and Trees

Plants and trees can greatly accentuate your hardscape. Make sure to choose the right type of shrubs and flowering plants that would go well with your hardscaping materials. Do not be afraid to combine and mix different shrubs and plants that have different colors and patterns.

As long as it looks good with your hardscape, then you can go ahead and place it there. You can also place some herbs and grass along the hardscape path to add some fragrance and height to the landscape.

Finishing Touches

Make your hardscaping and your yard stand out by using benches and borders. This can be a great hangout place for you and your family, as well as for other visitors. Make sure to place the benches where the sun does not usually hit to make sure that it can be a good place for resting and hanging out.

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You can also add borders around your walkway path to make sure that your visitors know where they are heading. You can even add a water feature and a bridge to make it look posh and classy!

You can also hire a landscape designer to make sure that everything goes as planned. Work with them and tell them how you want to do it. Good luck!