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Here’s the Best Way to Maximize Efficiency in Your House

By House and Home Co. / Published on Friday, 28 Sep 2018 21:18 PM / Comments Off on Here’s the Best Way to Maximize Efficiency in Your House / 158 views

Small living roomWhether you’re looking to organize your space or make the most out of your square footage, custom cabinets are the perfect addition to create a smart storage system for your lovely Utah home. Accent Interiors shares some ideas for your storage improvement project.

Dead Spaces

Some areas in your home have awkward spaces that are pretty difficult to fill. If it’s a tiny space in the back of furniture, in the corner of a room or a bare and disconcerting transitional space, shelves or concealed cabinets can turn these spots into useful storage spaces. This simple solution can even out the look of the space by filling the gap.

Too Bare Walls

Sometimes, a room feels too boxy surrounded by bare walls on either side or more. Aside from decking the walls with pieces of art and other decorative items, you could install slim floor-to-ceiling cabinets on one or either side of the room to elongate the space and create a more fluid design for the room.

Accessorize your tall cabinets with a sliding ladder to complete the decorative and functional wall storage system.

Kitchen Space Organization

Turn your kitchen into a more efficient workspace by installing customized cabinets to hold your kitchen equipment, cooking tools, flatware, and other items in a more systematic way.

Design your kitchen cabinet based on what you have, what you use, and how you work in the space. It will make it much easier to prepare meals no matter how busy your day is.

Clearing Countertops

If you’re constantly overwhelmed with clutter in your bathroom counter, now is the perfect time to install a customized cabinet system to house all your toiletries in an organized but accessible part of your counter space.

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Make your home looks more spacious by clearing cluttered areas and keeping your things organized. Use a customized storage system that’s specifically designed for your needs — the perfect way to maximize the space inside your home while adding style, to boot.