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Gardening 101: Best Practices for Safe Chemical Use

By House and Home Co. / Published on Tuesday, 13 Feb 2018 04:08 AM / Comments Off on Gardening 101: Best Practices for Safe Chemical Use / 186 views

a man using chemical sprayPlenty of homeowners love doing their yard work, and some rely on regular applications of synthetic and natural insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides to eliminate pesky insects, plant diseases, and weeds from their garden. However, not all homeowners practice safe chemical use, which is critical to safe and responsible gardening.

To help make certain that you stay safe and injury-free while working with chemicals, follow these guidelines:

Always read the labels

Whenever you use chemicals, always read the label thoroughly to check the toxicity level to humans, plants, and animals. Use only the amount stated on the instructions, Greenside Landscaping and other lawn weed control experts in Utah say. Remember, more is not always better.

Avoid exposure

Avoid exposing your skin, nose, and eyes to the chemical. Check the label if you need to use any protective gear or equipment to apply the chemical. Always keep all kids and pets away from the application area and check the label instructions for their safe reentry. Remove pet feed and water containers. If you have birdbaths, feeders, or a fishpond in your garden, ensure that they’re well protected from potential exposure.

Avoid over-irrigation

Chemicals could be easily washed away or pool in nearby water puddles, so make sure not to over-irrigate. Also, never store your gardening chemicals near or with water, food, medical supplies, and pet feed, and make certain that they’re securely stored where your kids and pets can’t get to them. Ensure that your storage area is properly ventilated.

Gardening and doing your own lawn work is an excellent and fruitful hobby for many homeowners. If you’re not careful with chemicals, however, you risk not only injuring yourself, but your family, pets, and other plants as well. That being said, keep these safety tips in mind for a safer and more beneficial gardening experience.

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