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Garage Zoning: Using Space Wisely

By House and Home Co. / Published on Friday, 01 Apr 2016 09:33 AM / Comments Off on Garage Zoning: Using Space Wisely / 269 views

Empty GaragePeople use garages as more than just an indoor parking space. Garages are versatile areas that work well for storage and manual work. Unfortunately, the area is also prone to clutter, as it is where you toss all of your unwanted things.

Tools and boxes of household effects eventually pile up if you do not make an effort to keep things organised. Luckily, organising is easy if you know how to split your garage into zones. Dedicate each zone to a specific function, so that you get the most out of the limited space available.

Zone 1: Wall Storage

Ideally, the wall storage should be close to the workbench. This zone is where you store all of your tools and gardening accessories., a garage door supplier in West Sussex, suggests the use of slotted angles for building your wall storage.

Slotted angles are modular shelving solutions. Hang anything from hooks to full shelving on the wall in any configuration you can think of.

Zone 2: Workbench

The workbench should ideally include a desk, a stool and sufficient lighting. Keep the area free from clutter, choosing instead to store everything in the wall zone. Place the workbench in the roomiest part of the garage so you do not have to worry about accidentally bumping into it with your car.

Zone 3: Extended Storage

The overhead space of your garage is ideal for extended storage. Christmas decorations, sleds and holiday paraphernalia all belong in this zone. You use these items infrequently.

Build a sturdy shelf and keep everything organised by utilising labelled storage bins. Bins that can be stacked or nested maximises the space available.

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Zone 4: Commonly Used Items

One part of your garage should be dedicated to commonly used items. This includes coats, boots and other types of outdoor gear. The best place to store these items is close to the entrance of your garage so you can just grab them as you head out.

Zone 5: Parking

The largest zone of your garage is your parking space. Always keep the middle of the garage space open so that you have enough room to park and move around. Avoid parking in a way that will make the other zones inaccessible.

Following this zoning system keeps your garage neat and tidy. It becomes an efficient, functional space instead of a messy storage area.