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Fireproof Your Home Starting with Your Electrical Appliances

By House and Home Co. / Published on Tuesday, 31 Jul 2018 10:39 AM / Comments Off on Fireproof Your Home Starting with Your Electrical Appliances / 178 views

main electric switch of the houseThe US Fire Administration (USFA) recorded about 1.3 million fire incidents in 2015. This resulted in a revenue loss of more than $14 billion, more than 15,000 injuries and at least 3,000 deaths. An estimated 6.5% of the fire accidents in 2015 was caused by electrical malfunction.

That said, it’s important to know how to protect your home from fire by preventing an electrical failure. Doing so not only saves your property from damage but also your family from danger.

Be One Step Ahead

The record of USFA revealed that appliances and heating systems are the usual causes of fire. Always check the condition of your electrical appliances. Ensure that there are no damages to the wire, switch, and cables. See that they don’t overheat. If you detect a problem, have the appliance fixed or replaced right away.

Additionally, look into other fire hazards like refrigerators and comfort systems. Reliable heating and air conditioning service providers in Bessemer can determine and repair problems in these appliances.

Safety Requires Carefulness

Sometimes, accidents are a result of carelessness and forgetfulness. Don’t overlook plugged appliances. If your home will be empty for a while, unplug all appliances and switch off the general switch. This also helps you reduce your electric bill.

Don’t plug in too many devices to the power outlet at the same time. This is dangerous as it causes overloading and fire. If you have kids, don’t let them plug in devices themselves to avoid the risk of shock or fire. Restrict their access from power outlets and appliances.

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It is also important that you buy only high-quality appliances. Don’t go for cheap; go for safe.

Fire claims thousands of lives and properties every year. Spare yourself and your family from this tragedy with safety precautions.

If you’ve been in your home for a long time, maintain the good condition of your electric wires, outlets, and appliances. Do the necessary upgrades and modifications. If you are a new homeowner, consult with a professional electrician to draft your home’s electrical plan.