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Be Open Minded for a Narrow Block : Tips in Creating a Spacious Home

By House and Home Co. / Published on Tuesday, 02 Aug 2016 08:09 AM / Comments Off on Be Open Minded for a Narrow Block : Tips in Creating a Spacious Home / 327 views

Spacious HouseThe price of real estates in most places has only increased in the last few decades. What used to be empty villages have become bustling subdivisions or commercial districts and the price of every square metre in the city are getting even more expensive. Prospect homeowners and builders are looking at small pieces of land to build a comfortable dwelling in response to the modern city housing problem.

Choosing a Builder

Building a home, especially on a narrow block, is a challenge that not everyone would like to venture in. But a challenging block sets a rigid constraint both from social and physical factors on home designs but with building experts with proven skills, strategies, and techniques on these types of challenges, the prospect of achieving sustainable outcomes can be made possible. Find a building contractor armed with a good record of being clever in creating a sensible, functional and beautiful homes.

Some people may be a bit narrow-minded about a narrow piece of land. However, with the right design and execution, even a narrow block can create a house plan with a spacious and elegant interior. Here’s some helpful tips and pointers:

1.    Go vertical; the sky has no limit. Consider a two-story house with a high ceiling that can give an illusion of bigger space.

2.    Never allow feeling cramped. Think about adding bridges above spaces like the kitchen and the living area. An extra space not only would give the luxury of space but will also increase airiness and light to the room.

3.    Think of a clever way in creating a hallway. An endless hallway can be boring, but adding a personal and interesting touch like a nice painting, a stained glass, or floor-to-ceiling glass panels can turn it into a lively space.

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4.    A multipurpose space. Include rooms that can serve multiple purposes like a multimedia room with retractable walls to add space during parties. Or a mini-office on the other side of the kitchen or under the stairwell.

Always remember that having a narrow block doesn’t mean a cramped space. There are endless possibilities that can be done. Seek the help of an expert, they will surely be able to come up with clever house plans for narrow blocks that you can enjoy.