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Advanced Tree and Shrub Care for Amateur Gardeners

By House and Home Co. / Published on Thursday, 28 Jun 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Advanced Tree and Shrub Care for Amateur Gardeners / 90 views

House with a good front lawnHealthy trees and shrubs are not gifts from the gods. It takes work to make healthy plants happen. While many trees and shrubs do not require a lot of maintenance, homeowners must still look after them.

An established lawn will already have mature trees providing shade, and shrubs that sway with the breeze and beautify the yard. Are you doing enough to ensure their health?

Here are tips for amateur gardeners – useful insights from arborists, as well as lawn care and yard weed control experts in Salt Lake City such as Greenside Landscaping.

Pruning for good health

The removal of dead branches is not only a measure of safety for the members of the household. You don’t want dead branches falling on top of someone’s head. You also do not want insects to invade the trees, to grow without proper nutrients.

One of the most effective preventive measures is pruning. If you want to make your trees more resistant to disease, then you will prune them properly and regularly. Better still, you will hire a professional to prune the trees.

Arborists are the best kind of professionals to perform pruning and do so without compromising the structural and physiological integrity of the trees. By pruning diseased branches, any illness will be stopped on its tracks. Professional pruning keeps the trees looking their best as well.

Fertilizer for nutrition

Good soil provides shrubs and trees with the nutrients they need. If some nutrients are lacking, the plants in the yard, they would not have adequate organic matter. By taking into account the kind of soil in your garden and knowing what your plants need, you are watching out for their welfare.

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Chemical fertilizers abound, but natural fertilizers are available as well. Moreover, you can learn how to provide your plants with the nutrients they need through sustainable means.

Shrub and tree care is an essential component of lawn care. By monitoring your landscape investment, you are ensuring the health of the trees in your keeping.