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A Simple All-Season Maintenance Checklist for the Workplace

By Frederick Johnson / Published on Sunday, 24 Jun 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on A Simple All-Season Maintenance Checklist for the Workplace / 141 views

Open and spacious officeIndoor and outdoor maintenance requirements differ for every season. Though it could look tiring to be constantly changing out your cleaning methods and services, all you need is a simple checklist of the proper tools and services to makes sure your office or facility stays clean and up to spec on health code regulations.


Keeping the walk paths free of ice build-up and draining water helps keep indoor flooring dry and reduce the risk of wet floor accidents. Although these incidents can happen throughout the year, the risk is higher during winter. Keep the high traffic areas dry and set doormats in place as an extra precaution.


As the weather improves, it’s best to have HVAC cleaning and landscaping lawn services done. Spring is known as allergy season, so make sure to increase indoor and outdoor maintenance work. Doing so reduces the risk of allergic reactions at work.

Spring in Salt Lake City is the best time to start the lawn fertilization process like the one offered by Greenside Landscaping. This way, you can prep your lawn for the summer and schedule regular lawn upkeep to keep allergens at bay.


Continue taking care of your lawn by increasing the watering frequency. Schedule it during the early hours of the morning while the soil temperature is still low to maximize water penetration.

Moreover, tree and shrub care must also be done regularly to keep the lawn looking lush and healthy. Trees provide shade and help in air circulation, helping lighten up the heat of the summer. With them, your work environment becomes more comfortable in and out.

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Keeping the windows clean is essential when you want to allow more sunlight into the room, as it tends to be gray and gloomy in autumn. Keep a cheerful vibe in the workplace by letting as much natural light in as possible, to augment indoor lighting. And make sure you’ve got a healthy looking lawn where people can sit and relax and have lots of greenery for a relaxing outdoor view.

Proper seasonal workplace housekeeping is essential in creating a safe, comfortable, and healthy work environment for everyone.