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A Room Worth Checking In: How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Hotel

By Frederick Johnson / Published on Tuesday, 05 Jun 2018 05:23 AM / Comments Off on A Room Worth Checking In: How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Hotel / 190 views

Modern and stylish bedroomDon’t you ever wish you could live in a hotel room all your life? Hotels put the finest designs and install the latest features in their rooms so that guests would feel as comfortable as they could be.

You don’t need to go to a hotel all the time though to experience its rooms’ luxury. Bedding or window treatment specialists from companies like Jo-Vin can help you transform your bedroom into a five-star one. Here’s a closer look at how you can get your own hotel-like room at home.

Motorized Drapery

Motorized drapery refers to drapes or curtains that can automatically move, thanks to a motor that pushes or pulls the drapes. This saves you the hassle of having to come close to the window and move the curtains yourself.

Sheer and Blackout Shades

Shades are similar to drapes in that they are installed on windows to help control privacy and light from outdoors. Sheer shades are designed to diffuse light but not completely block it. Blackout shades, as the name implies, block more light than sheer shades, and are ideally used when there is strong sunlight or artificial lights outside.

Custom Bedding

Another way to make your room feel like a hotel accommodation is to get custom bedding, which includes pillows and bed sheets. Getting them custom-made means you choose what designs will be used as well as the material so that you can ensure your bedding looks attractive yet functional.

Furniture and Walls

Finally, you can improve the furniture and walls of your room by upholstering them or covering them in fancy-looking leather or fabric material. As for furniture, you can opt for sofas and tables made of soft material that can be easily cleaned without having its colors fade.

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Hotel rooms are appealing because of the way they look, as well as the functions they offer. These features include automatically controlled drapes or curtains, custom beddings, and upholstered furniture. Thanks to window or room treatment specialists, people at home can turn their ordinary bedroom into a room worth checking in.