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4 Things to Do After Finding Roof Damage

By Frederick Johnson / Published on Thursday, 05 Jul 2018 17:25 PM / Comments Off on 4 Things to Do After Finding Roof Damage / 98 views

Man repairing roofThere are several reasons your home’s roof could get damaged. It could be that the roof is old and worn, or that a falling tree hit it. Sometimes, it is the result of harsh weather conditions.

Regardless of the cause the damage, you’ll need to act quickly. Here are four steps you should take.

1. Assess the extent of the damage

Immediately following the disaster, examine how bad the damage is and document it. Approximating the extent of the damage helps you discuss what your insurance provider needs to do. You could have one or two experienced roofing contractors in Worcester, MA, help out in this step.

2. Call your insurance company

Once you have evaluated the severity of the damage, determine whether it’s large enough for you to contact your insurer. If it is, then immediately contact them so the repairs are covered through home insurance. This is usually the case after natural disasters when contractors get too busy.

3. Make necessary temporary fixes first

The location of the damage on your roof is significant. Look for ways to contain further damage to your property by making temporary fixes while you wait for the contractors to do their work.

That could, for example, mean placing buckets under leaking areas to avert damage to your carpeting or furniture. You also need to shingle smaller repairs immediately.

4. Deal with certified contractors

Following an unexpected roof disaster, the getting a cheap contractor might be tempting. But think twice before letting an unqualified person climb up your roof to repair it. It’s much safer to let a certified contractor do it instead, even if you have to pay a little more.

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A damaged roof over your head can cause you a lot of discomfort and anxiety. By taking the right steps following a disaster, you can make your home livable and safe once again.