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3 Ways to Prevent Mold Growth at Home

By House and Home Co. / Published on Tuesday, 23 Aug 2016 05:08 AM / Comments Off on 3 Ways to Prevent Mold Growth at Home / 309 views

Preventing Mold in Salt Lake CitySometimes unwanted organisms can thrive in our homes without us knowing it. It can lurk on insulation, carpeting, and wood and stay there undetected until there is actual damage done. Molds belong to these types of organisms.

Molds and Dry Rot

While molds don’t damage building materials, they attract other organisms that do. For instance, mold and mildew serve as habitat for the fungus Serpula lacrymans, which causes dry rot.

Dry rot fungus is more damaging as it can also penetrate the masonry, as well as the wood on the other side of thick walls, via its mycelium. This Serpula species is also known as a potential health hazard.

Molds grow and generate with moisture and darkness. The latter earns molds a particular distinction in the plant family, and the reason it can go undetected during early stages of attack, AAA Restoration explains.

Ways to Prevent Mold Growth

At homes, leaking faucets, oversized air-condition units, insufficient ventilation, and extreme weather conditions can cause moisture buildup. To prevent these, homeowners must observe the following:

  • Appropriate plumbing material and installation, proper use of water and sewerage systems, and regular maintenance. Good design and compliance to Salt Lake City codes make these systems even more efficient.
  • Use the right air conditioner size based on your needs. According to, “an air conditioner needs 20 BTU for each square foot of living space, but there are other considerations such as the height of your ceiling and the size of your windows and doorways.”
  • Sufficient ventilation includes natural fixtures and mechanical appliances, such as air conditioners and exhaust fans. These aid windows and open walls in allowing and blocking indoor and outdoor air and harmful pollutants as well.
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True, mold is not as destructive to building materials, but moisture is. It can attract many different organisms that can not only damage building materials but also harm our health. Hence, observing proper housekeeping helps, including mold removal via general cleaning. It won’t hurt to seek professional cleaning services if necessary.