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3 Main Parts of a Commercial Greenhouse

By Frederick Johnson / Published on Thursday, 05 Jul 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on 3 Main Parts of a Commercial Greenhouse / 141 views

Commercial greenhouseCommercial farming is currently among the best performing economic sectors worldwide. The weather conditions of your area primarily influence your farming venture. These conditions, however, shouldn’t curtail your choice of plants and growing season attributable to the existence of greenhouses.

You can contact a commercial greenhouse contractor and check the solutions they have for your farming venture. There are various types of greenhouses you’ll come across, but the fundamental components of the greenhouse should be the factors that will guide your choice. Here are the three primary parts you should consider:


These are the main vertical supports of your greenhouse. Based on your construction’s strength requirement, the rafters may be placed on 2-4ft centers. There are different types of rafters including the curved arch and truss types. Your choice of a rafter type is dependent on the width of your greenhouse. Greenhouses with a width of over 50ft generally use truss rafters.


These horizontal supports join one rafter to another. The spacing of purlins depends on the size of your greenhouse, but 4-8ft apart is the standard size. Purlins are a vital constituent of your greenhouse especially in strong winds since they provide extra strength and support. There are different methods of joining purlins, but the most common is with cross ties.

Columns and Side Posts

These are also vertical support systems in your greenhouse. Their height ranges from 1-10ft, and they influence the exact height of your greenhouse’s production area. They also bear the weight of your greenhouse and support your trusses.

The productivity and efficiency of your commercial farming venture primarily depend on your greenhouse structure. Regardless of your choice of materials and design, ensure your basic structural components are properly constructed. These will be your chief guarantee for abundant and high-quality yields from commercial greenhouse farming.

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