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3 Beautiful Additions to Your Home Kitchen

By Frederick Johnson / Published on Monday, 30 Apr 2018 13:18 PM / Comments Off on 3 Beautiful Additions to Your Home Kitchen / 155 views

Stove closeup in modern kitchen interior with stainless steel gas cook-topAccording to reports from the U.S. National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), Americans spent over $67 billion decorating their kitchen in 2015 alone. Out of that, around $49.7 billion was spent on renovations. It’s impressive to know that more than 10 million households across the country have spent a lot of money beautifying their kitchens.

If you’re planning to go the same route, here are three beautiful additions to your home kitchen.

Granite Countertops

It’s one of the biggest and most beautiful additions you can bring to your kitchen. However, it’s not all about aesthetics. You can place hot items on a granite countertop without worrying about cracks and chips. It’s also non-porous, so you don’t have to worry about the growth of bacteria with proper cleaning. The colors also never fade so they always look new and fabulous.

If you still don’t have granite countertops, then why wait any longer? Look for granite countertops suppliers in Salt Lake City to get what’s suitable for your home.

Decorative Backsplash

The kitchen is often the messiest place in the house and having a decorative backsplash will make cleaning easier. It will also protect your walls from discoloration. Tile or ceramic backsplash is one the best because wallpaper backsplashes can absorb moisture and odor. A decorative backsplash also gives you a chance to add some personality to your home by using color combinations or patterns.

Island Cooktop

If you have the space, then go for it. It’s a great addition to have, especially if you love entertaining. Not only does it add more function to your kitchen space, it also adds a lot of personality to your home. If you have the budget for it, make this a project and reap the benefits.

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These kitchen upgrades can increase the value of your home. They’re not too expensive as a full-blown renovation, but they add that wow factor once installed. What are you waiting for?